Tire Pressure

Service Course Pro Tip: Tire Pressure

We often see customers cars in the shop with tire pressure that is well below the recommended pressure. The major short term effect of low tire pressure is a reduction in gas mileage. Higher levels of heat generated by the tire are also a symptom of underinflated tires. Over time the additional friction and heat generated by the tire can cause them to prematurely wear out.

The driving symptoms of under inflated tires can be a “squirmy” feel while cornering or braking, and the tires squealing while cornering. While these can be felt by an experienced driver who is looking for those symptoms, the best way to be sure is to check your tires with a gauge. These days digital pressure gauges can be found online for $12-20 (see here), but another good choice is an analogue dial type gauge. Older pencil type gauges tend to be less accurate than dial or digital gauges, so those should be steered clear of.

How much pressure? The answer to that question is that it varies by vehicle. But the good news, is that your vehicle will usually tell you. Check your owner’s manual to find out where to look on your vehicle to find the recommended measurement. This number is usually indicated either on the driver’s door pillar, the glove compartment door or sometimes on the gas filler door.

When should you check them? We strongly recommend that you check them monthly. With pressure gauge in hand, you can easily check all four tires in less than two minutes. Tires should be checked when cold, so before you head out, test the pressure all around and you’ll be confident that you’re all set to drive. Once a low pressure situation is found, you can plan ahead to leave on your next drive a few minutes early so you can stop in at a gas station to top up your tires. And of course, you are always welcome to stop by our shop here for a quick top-up as well.

Stay tuned for more pro tips, and as always, we’re here for you and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

This Way For Service!!

Honda, Toyota And Chrysler Recall 2.13 Million Cars for Airbags that Deploy without Warning

If you’re an owner of a 2003–2004 Honda Odyssey, 2003 Acura MDX, 2003–2004 Toyota Avalon, Corolla, and Matrix, 2002–2003 Jeep Liberty, 2002–2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and 2003–2004 Dodge Viper you can expect to be hearing from your manufacturer soon regarding their respective recalls for faulty air bags. Read all about it over at Car and Driver: http://blog.caranddriver.com/chrysler-honda-and-toyota-recall-2-13-million-cars-for-airbags-that-deploy-without-warning/

If you think you might be affected by this recall, you can check your vehicle by entering its VIN into your manufacturers website:
Honda: http://www.honda.com/recalls
Toyota: http://www.toyota.com/recall
Chrysler: https://www.moparownerconnect.com/oc/us/en-us/sub/Pages/RecallsQuery.aspx

And, we’re off and racing!!

Well folks, we’re finally here, Opening Day!! Unfortunately, no big fan-fare for the moment, but we got our lifts installed yesterday and today is our first workday! So we’ll be here at the shop from 8am till 5pm Monday through Friday from here on out, and you can drop us a line on the phone at 678 705 9284, or via email, [email protected] And of course, feel free to drop by to say Hi and check things out, 334 N Clarendon Rd, Suite B, Scottdale, GA 30079

Sign, Business Cards and Lifts

Things are rolling along here as we finally draw closer to getting open, which we hope to do later this week. Business cards arrived, our temporary sign arrived and got installed. Lifts also arrived on Friday, and we’re hoping to have those up and ready to use by the end of the day tomorrow. We’re connected with most of our parts suppliers and have our computer system up and running as well. Heres to hoping our next update will be that we’ll be ready to get you on our schedule for servicing!


Jason and Jeff

Update: Painting and Getting Closer

Well, we’re knee deep in paint, but we’ve got our office all painted up and most of the other painting done that we need to get finished up. Still have a ceiling or two to get done and a bit of floor painting and we’ll be finished up with that side of things.

In other news, equipment is coming along, we’ve got most of our office furniture in, built workbenches in the workshop and currently getting air lines run for the compressor.

On the red tape front we are almost through most of that, just have a few minor things to get taken care of and we’ll be keeping all of the relevant authorities happy.

We’re Coming Soon!!

Service Course Logo

Hello world!! We’re well on our way towards getting open here at the Service Course headquarters. We’re here feverishly cleaning, painting, installing and completing various other tasks(red tape included!) we need to get done before opening day, which we hope to attach an exact date to here shortly, but tentatively planning for mid-January. We’ll hope to get some shots of our progress here in the coming weeks, and will update with an official opening date soon also. We’ll be looking forward to a visit from you!


Jason and Jeff