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Pro Tip: Replacing Your Air Filters

With the spring pollen season upon us, it’s time to talk about air quality of both your engine, and your cabin. Let’s start of with your engine:
Air and fuel are the lifeblood of a functioning engine. Supplying clean and debris free fuel and air to your engine’s combustion chamber is critical to it’s ongoing performance and efficiency. Keeping your engine supplied with clean air is easily accomplished by replacing your engine’s air filter at regular intervals. In general a schedule of replacing the filter every 15,000mi is a good place to start, or about every third oil change. Each time your vehicle is with us, we will perform a visual inspection of the filter and make a note of how clean or dirty it is and whether we’d recommend replacement or not.
On the cabin side of things, most vehicles have a filter that filters the air that enters the heating and air conditioning(HVAC) system and cabin of the vehicle, where its driver and passengers sit. There are some vehicles out there that don’t have a cabin filter, and there are some that have more than one. Cabin air filters can become clogged with organic matter and debris from trees and plants, and well as the usual spring pollen and other particulate that is in the air. Replacing this filter will ensure that good clean air is being supplied to the HVAC system and cabin of your car, while keeping out allergens and other nastiness that can be in the air. We will always check the cabin filter for you when you vehicle is with us, and we’ll let you know when it is in need of changing, which is usually always the same time as the filter of your engine.

Stay tuned for more pro tips, and as always, we’re here for you and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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