What’s With The Name?

In European bicycle racing, a Service Course is a professional cycling team's base of operations where equipment and vehicles are stored and maintained. These are places where all the heaving lifting occurs between races, where major repairs are undertaken to get bikes and equipment into race ready condition. From there they are loaded onto team trucks, cars and buses and driven to the particular events. Jeff and Jason's history in the sport of cycling brought them together and spurred the name. The goal of Service Course Auto Works is to have your vehicle leave our workshop in race ready condition, whether you'll be racing to work, to pick up the kids or racing to a fantastic weekend of cycling in the gaps, you can rest assured your car will get you there.

Jason and Jeff


Jason Jones

Born and bred in and around Decatur, Jason is part owner, all Workshop Manager and Head Technician here at Service Course and a 20 year veteran of the Decatur auto repair scene. Jason began his automotive career apprenticing under Neil Estes at Neils Restorations in 1995. Having spent time at Quantum Mechanics and Sport Motoring he fine tuned his ability to work on all Japanese and German cars throughout that time and developed a keen sense of potential problems based on his time working on those particular cars.


Jeff Hopkins

A native of Sydney, Australia, Jeff came to the United States in 1999 to pursue a career as a professional bicycle racer. A former World Champion track cyclist, Jeff spent 10 years racing professionally until 2008 and moved on to manage the Dick Lane Velodrome here in Atlanta after his racing career was finished. Jeffs affinity for working with his hands led him to team up with Jason in the pursuit of automotive excellence here at Service Course.


Aaron Freeman

Joining us in 2017, Aaron Freeman comes to us with 10 years of professional automotive experience, primarily working BMW and other german vehicles, with a solid amount of time working on japanese vehicles as well. Aaron grew up in Oklahoma, moving to Atlanta in 1998 with his wife Karen. Over the years Aaron has owned a bunch of vintage BMW 2002's, including one set-up and driven as a track car, and still owns a 1974 Tii model. Long walks on the beach are not something Aaron enjoys, but he does enjoys cycling, overseeing the Sunday Ride, and keeping up with the european racing scene, the classics especially, the De Ronde being his favorite.