Here are a few answers to some common questions that we get about our services here at Service Course:

Can I wait for my car? We prefer that you make plans to go about your business outside of our office. Leaving your car with us for a larger part of the day allows us to arrange our workday in the most efficient way, and allows us to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances that may take additional time, such as wrong parts from vendors, additional parts needed, or the discovery of other issues related or unrelated to the completion of the initial repair.

Will you work on my XXXX make of car? We are currently working on most makes and models, so unless you have a Delorean, we will probably work on your car. Go here for the full list: Services

Can I drop my car off after hours? Yes! We have an after drop box, but we do have a locked parking lot, so we’ll need to get details to your for access. Drop us an email, [email protected] and we can get that info over to you. We also have a procedure for after hour pickup, but we can discuss that when we see you.

Can I pick up my car after hours? Yes! We have a procedure for picking up your vehicle after hours, we can discuss details when we see you.

How much will it cost for XXXX repair? Unfortunately we aren’t able to accurately answer questions like this, so our policy is not to try. There are a number of factors that go into the cost of a repair or service, and we won’t have a good idea of what is needed until we get a good look under the hood at what is going on.

What pressure should I run my tires at? The answer to this question, and the answer as to how and when to check them, can be found over here: